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Data Temple

Media Performance

A man plays a performance on a transparent screen.




Motion Graphic


Unity, Cinema4D, After Effects, Photoshop

Motion Grphic for Media Performance 'Data Temple'

What is Data Temple The data template is a fusion concert that combines the music, performance, and data visualization of the Korean Yin-Yan School. This performance was played by DJ Spooky, Woody Park, Noh Eun Ah, and Ninano Nanda.

My Role I was charged to create major objects such as Korean traditional house(Hanok) and musical instruments in 3D. I made them with cinema 4d and then arranged them into Unity. Unity's real-time rendering function allowed it to produce videos quickly. In order to project the video on all of the concert walls, I created the video considering the aspect length of the overall wall ratio.

Beam the image of Korea traditional instrument graphic image blue print Beam the image of Korea traditional house
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