Brand Identity


Character Design

A rabbit chracter is waving hello




Graphic Design


Illustration, Photoshop

Chracter design for smart toy brand ATTOCUBE

ATTOCUBE is a company that sells educational contents and toies to children. The client needed a main character to get closer to the children. Their main product is wooden block and ATTO means a gift in Korean. I combined the box form that represents these with children's favorite animals. I visited kindergarten in person to check out the animals and colors that children prefer. I developed characters through the result except colors and forms already used by other competitors.
As a result, this chracter is used for various contents from books to videos.

children t-shirts with rabbit characters shopping back with a rabbit character youtube contents that the rabbit chracter come out sketchbooks with a rabbit character
Children toy exhibition The child tries to fit a block of wood into the shape of a rabbit.

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