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Smart Toy

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Graphic Design,
Contents Plan


Illustration, Photoshop

Brand identity for smart toy brand ATTOCUBE

Finding Keypoint Their main product is a block toy comprised of six geometrics patterns on every surface of the cube and children can make countless images using these patterns.
Client wanted to emphasize 'Creativity', 'Eco-Friendly', and 'expandability'
I drew main keypoint from six geometrics patterns and characterized them so that
children can feel the product familiar and easily understand the patterns.

Creating Contents I led this project from start to finish, including setting project concepts, user-research, art direction, design and final deliverables to South Korea, China.
I contacted a number of kindergarten teachers and parents on regular basis to receive feedback.
This way, I was able to accurately match the level of difficulty of a given design to the correct age group.

Result I won the K-Design Award and its contents are now used, not only in South Korea,
but other countries including England and China.

web screens with eApproval sub pages shippingbags the geographic shape book inner which shows the geographic shape Certification of K-design Award'16, Winner

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