Establish basic designs such as branding, characters, books, etc. for a start-up company producing content for kids.
Branding, Editorial•Character•Package Design, Plan, User testing, Story telling
Finding Keypoint

Their main product is a block toy comprised of six geometrics patterns on every surface of the cube and children can make countless images using these patterns. I designed many images using these patterns for children to use as examples.



Building Characters

I created characters from branding pattern. However, it needed a main character to get closer to the children. I visited kindergarten in person to check out the forms and colors that children prefer. And then I developed characters through the result except colors and forms already used by other competitors.



Creating Contents

I led this project from start to finish, including setting project concepts, user-research, art direction, design and final deliverables to South Korea, China. I contacted a number of kindergarten teachers and parents on regular basis to receive feedback. This way, I was able to accurately match the level of difficulty of a given design to the correct age group.

Kindergarten Meeting

User Testing



I won the K-Design Award and its contents are now used, not only in South Korea, but other countries including England and China.